Larry John Palsson Goes Global

Posted March 29, 2016

For the past several years, J Compton Gallery has focused on bringing to light the amazing paintings of Seattle-born outsider artist Larry John Palsson (1948-2010).

We’ve shared Larry’s art and his story with followers online. We’ve staged exhibits from Forth Worth to Cedar Rapids to Santa Fe. And we’ve introduced his visionary and sophisticated geometric abstractions to equally sophisticated art lovers and collectors from Dallas to Los Angeles to New York City.

LP063JCG small (1)    Raw Vision 89 Cover

Now Larry’s story is going global, thanks to Raw Vision Magazine and its founder and editor John Maizels. The article on Larry was researched and written by the magazine’s esteemed New York-based Senior Editor Edward M. Gómez and appears in the April 2016 issue (vol. 89).  

British publication launched in 1989, Raw Vision is the only international publication whose entire content is devoted to outsider art. And there is a poetic justice in Larry’s story finding its way to the pages of Raw Vision. 


At the time of his death, he was an unknown artist with a secret portfolio — a secret shared by few — of hundreds of paintings, presumably his life’s work. Raw Visions Magazine is dedicated to the enigma, the unexpected, the iconoclast. And as their article suggests and his paintings confirm, Larry Palson was exactly that. His was a life filled with an outsider’s raw vision, a maverick’s raw wisdom and a self-taught artist’s raw talents and joy.

Read the Raw Vision article An Unexpected Modernist:


Read more about Raw Vision Magazine:

See Larry John Palsson’s paintings HERE and HERE.

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