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miniature highboy full view

Antique Minisature Cherry Highboy, Cabriole Legs

It’s hard to say whether this finely crafted 19th c. miniature was apprentice-made or the work of a professional showcasing his vision of a full size version. In either case, this is an elegant, eye-catching piece. Nineteen inches tall and built as a single piece, the highboy is made of cherry wood and various fruitwoods. […]

D P Clark Hill Climber Trolley

Antique Toy Ohio Hill Climber PATD Nov. 2 1897

D. P. Clark patented his friction flywheel system in 1897, the same year he organized his Dayton Friction Toy Works Company. This Hill Climber Trolley bears that same date. Made of metal, die cut tin and wood, the trolley is in very good, original condition, with all six die cut lithographed passengers intact. The top […]

Dean's Big Animal Rag Book

Dean’s Big Animal Rag Book

Established in London in 1903, Dean’s Rag Book Company was first know for producing lithographed children’s books made out of cloth. The books were designed, not so much for educational purposes, but simplyfor fun. One of my favorite examples is Dean’s Big Animal Rag Book, a cloth picture book featuring nine different farm and forest […]

yard art from Taos

Taos, New Mexico, Native American Yard Art

From an unknown self-taught artist in Taos, New Mexico, two unique pieces of yard art: First, a stylized, painted red, white and blue folk art “Eagle” that resembled the Sioux eagle dance and is constructed of farm implements and cut steel. Dimensions are 31” w at wingspread x 19” t x 15” w at base. […]

antique tramp art grave

Outstanding Antique Tramp Art Frame

A tour de force of crispy carved geometric forms, this early trams art frame is consists of carved wing shapes, cones, pyramids and triangular prism shapes. The ornamentation across the top of the frame was presented to me as a folk art Angle. However, with its outstretch wings and a span of 21 inches, it […]