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Rev. Hunter figure of a woman

Sculpture of a Woman by Rev. John L. Hunter (1905-1999)

The assemblages of self-taught artist Reverend John L. Hunter give new meaning to the words “stick figures.” Using fallen tree limbs, small branches, spare lumber and various applied material, Hunter created dimensional sculptures of everything from birds and animals to Biblical figures to the Stature of Liberty — and even Elvis. Like many of his […]

EGGPLANT INCOGNITO detail texture, paint

Paintings by Abstract Expressionist Terry W. McCullough (b. 1951

Fine art photographer; advertising production artist; and award-winning director/cinematographer for commercial films, Terry W. McCullough is making a name for himself in yet another visual art form. Today, his sweeping, abstract expressionistic canvases are featured in solo and group shows; prized by corporate and private collectors; and a catalyst for commissioned works. From the dark […]

water moccasin detail of head

Charley Kinney “Water Mox’n”

Who else but Charley Kinney (1906-1991) could make a water moccasin the central figure of a painting and also make it look so darned friendly and even “cute”? At the same time, by depicting a full-length water moccasin on patrol, the artist reminds us that this is a creature we don’t want to mess with. […]

painted articulated figure c.1920s

Articulated Figure with Original Paint

Using the simplest of materials — pine, bent wire and paint, the unknown maker of this figure has created a distinctive little piece of folk art. The figure is hand carved, with arms that are jointed at the shoulders, elbows and wrists and legs at the hips, knees and ankles, giving it a more animated […]

stylized mountains

Self-Taught Artist Larry John Palsson: A J Compton Gallery Exclusive

  (NOTE FROM JEAN: This is a departure from my usual format, so you’ll find info and prices below the text.) The visionary paintings of Larry John Palsson (1948-2010) were discovered a year after his death when the contents of his modest Seattle, Washington, home were offered for sale. This unusual trove of paintings — […]