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SOLD Folk Art Still Life by Aaron Birnbaum

Self-taught artist Aaron Birnbaum, who was born in the Ukraine in 1895 and immigrated to New York City in 1913,  spent most of his professional life working in the garment business. His was a successful interprise, and in 1957, he retired. Birnbaum had studies design and, to fill the house in his empty days after […]

Antique Painted Firkin

Hand crafted wooden firkin/pantry box decorated with painted flowers. It may or may not have been made with a lid but still has the original bail handle. Appears to be early20th century. Found in Iowa. $225

Introducing Riverborne Art

Self-taught Louisville, Kentucky, Artist/Naturalist Mack Dryden has always had a special reverence for wood. When he discovered an area of the Ohio River where piles of driftwood collect along a bank not far from his home, a new creative journey began. Today Dryden turns driftwood into abstract sculptural assemblages inspired by the natural world. “There’s a spiritual element in working with driftwood,” […]

Mid 20th c. Oil Painting By Paul Maxwell (1925-2015)

While contemporary artist/sculptor Paul E. Maxwell was widely know for his abstract work, and for creating a unique patented process called “stencil-casting”, over the course of his lifetime, he worked in many different mediums. This mid-20th century example is a signed, untitled oil on canvas from his Texas years — 1950e-1960s — when Maxwell was […]