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LP178JCG Medium

From the Collection of Larry John Palsson

Of the hundreds of paintings produced by self- taught Seattle-born artist Larry John Palsson, many were painted on ordinary housahold material — from frozen food cartons, cereal boxes, car brochures, grocery store paper bags and more. The paintings featured here are examples of the artist’s resourcefulness, innate sense of color and conceptural dexterity with geomtric forms. NOTES: […]


Surprising Ojibwa Toy Cradleboard

Early Ojibwa-Chippewa cradleboards were often highly decorative, from the beaded bentwood arches above an infant’s head to the embroider blankets in which they were bundled. This unusually toy example has its own unique charms. It’s made from a rectangular wood plank that’s varnished on both sides and decorated front and back with carved, painted circles […]

Whimsical Apache Cloth Boy Doll

  Dating from the first half of the 20th century, this homemade Apache boy doll comes from a Southern California collection. This simplicity of the construction suggested that the doll might have been an early effort. He is made of fabric, soft stuffed, with simple stitched features and what appears to be human hair, which […]

19th c. Quilled, Beaded Strike a Light Pouch

For Native Americans, small bags such as this one served as persona essentials for generations because they held the tools for starting a fire. The Strike a Light pouch offered here dates from the fourth quarter 1800s and still contains pinches of early tender. Made of brain-tanned hide, the bag is hand sewn and decorated […]