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antique tramp art grave

Outstanding Antique Tramp Art Frame

A tour de force of crispy carved geometric forms, this early trams art frame is consists of carved wing shapes, cones, pyramids and triangular prism shapes. The ornamentation across the top of the frame was presented to me as a folk art Angle. However, with its outstretch wings and a span of 21 inches, it […]


19th c. Miniature Empire Chest

This elegant little four-drawer dresser with half columns and faux ebony drawer pulls and trim may well be a solo effort by an experienced craftsman. But the drawers are numbered with roman numerals on the underside, which makes me think this is a salesman’s sample. Constructed of what appears to be fruitwood and walnut, the […]

1920s Teffy Bear Muff Facial Details

1920s Child’s Teddy Bear Muff

Throughout the first half of the 20th century Teddy Bears novelty such as compacts, purses and pajama bags were in vogue. This 1920s example is a small child’s Teddy Bear Muff. Made of ginger/cinnamon colored mohair and lined with a neutral wooly lining, the bear muff has its original glass eye, wide-set ears and stitched […]

LP178JCG Medium

From the Collection of Larry John Palsson

Of the hundreds of paintings produced by self- taught Seattle-born artist Larry John Palsson, many were painted on ordinary housahold material — from frozen food cartons, cereal boxes, car brochures, grocery store paper bags and more. The paintings featured here are examples of the artist’s resourcefulness, innate sense of color and conceptural dexterity with geomtric forms. NOTES: […]