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Charles Hollis Jones Classic O Chair (c. 1960s)

For collectors of mid-20th century modern furniture, one of the most desirable pieces is a wrap-around Lucite armchair by celebrated L.A. designer Charles Hollis Jones. The example offered here is a classic 1960s O Chair with a feature that makes it unique: a handcrafted needlepoint seat with the graphic appeal of a 1960s New Yorker […]

19th c. Hand-made Painted Texas Chest

If you collect antique hand crafted trunks or chests for their versatility, functionality and charm, this piece may be for you. From the collection of Charlean Jackson of Austin, Texas, the trunk is a great example of early “Texana.” It’s small, rustic and old — and it has great paint. As the photos show, the trunk (or […]

carved wood figure

Soulful Carved Figure c. 1910

The work of an anonymous maker, this primitive carving of a woman proves just how powerful “simple” can be. The lowered eyelids, bare feet and hands resting in a meditative pose give this piece of American folk art a truly soulful quality. And that may well have been what the maker had in mind The […]

detail of hand work

Eye-catching Orange and Gray Quilt, C. 1930s

Every year at the Objects of Art Santa Fe Show, I devote a booth wall on a major aisle to a collection of objects with a unifying theme. The stunning orange and gray quilt offered here was the inspiration of this years theme: Objects of Art: 13 Shades of Gray. Originally, the quilt caught my […]

19th c. Quilled, Beaded Strike a Light Pouch

For Native Americans, small bags such as this one served as persona essentials for generations because they held the tools for starting a fire. The Strike a Light pouch offered here dates from the fourth quarter 1800s and still contains pinches of early tender. Made of brain-tanned hide, the bag is hand sewn and decorated […]

19th c. Rag Doll Wearing Open Crotch Drawers

With her sweet expression, nicely embroidered features, treadle- and hand-sewn Turkey-red cotton dress and — something I’ve never seen on a rag doll before — open crotch drawers –– this appealing18-inch tall doll is a delightful “find”. Constructed with a round flat head, narrow waist, wide hips, and stub hands and feet, the unjointed doll […]