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antique oversized checkerboard late 1800s

Large, Well-crafted Antique Game Board

 Dating from the late1800s to early 1900s, this eye-catching oversized checkerboard comes from a Connecticut collector who purchased it some years ago in the New York area. As sturdy as they come, this early game board is handcrafted of pine, with ½” x 3-1/2” thick framing on all four sides. The rounded corners are miters […]

antique american bear original shoe button eyes

Antique Teddy Bear, Possibly Ideal, Very Good Condition

With its prominent hump; shoe button eyes; large rounded wide-set ears; and chubby torso and thighs, this lovely old straw-stuffed bear is definitely American and possibly an early Ideal. It also has no label, which also suggests it could be an Ideal. But it also has no stitched claws, and three of the original paw […]

extreme closeup of facial textures and tones

Exceptional Sudduth Portrait of a Blue-eyed Woman

 With its energetic brushwork and brilliant blue and mauve paint against toasty shades of thick mud, this striking portrait is an exceptional piece of work from self-taught Alabama artist Jimmy Lee Sudduth (1910-2007). I’ve including a number of close-ups that capture in detail the artist’s robust rendering of his subject. The intricately layered textures and […]

antique child's desk and chair alligatored surface

Antique Child’s Desk and Chair with Alligatored Surface

A century ago in the ‘teens and 1920s, orange shellac was a popular finish on furniture. Over time, however, exposure to heat or strong sunlight sometimes resulted in the “alligatored” surface you see on this early child’s desk and chair. For most owners of fine furnishings, alligatoring is an unhappy outcome. But it’s the very […]

butler monkey detail of flag

Monkey on a Flag Pole by David Butler (1898-2007)

Of the many creatures that populate self-taught artist David Butler’s imaginary menagerie, monkeys are among his favorites. In this delightful example, the artist presents us with a monkey atop a flagpole and a jaunty figure below who appears eager to retrieve him. Made of painted cut tin roofing tiles, this is an excellent example of […]