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ledger drawing  full frame

1870s Ledger Art Drawing of a Girl

In the 1870s, the Sedalia Savings Bank in Sedalia, Missouri, provided custimers with deposit slips that reflected the nature of those deposits: gold or silver coins and checks. On the back side of one of those unused slips  dated 187__, an unknown artist put pencil to paper and drew a charmingly naive portrait of a wide-eyed young woman. […]

19th c. Tinwork Frame

19th c. New Mexico Tinwork Frame

My interest in New Mexico tinwork began nearly a decade ago when I became a regular exhibitor at an art show in Santa Fe. This well crafted 19th c. tinwork frame holds a lithographed devotional page titled True Portrait of Our Lady of the Rosary. While there is obvious wear to the print, the image is still […]

c. 1930s

SOLD Miniature Tramp Art Dresser, Bakelite Drawe Pulls

With its crisp chip carved construction, diamond shaped mirror and original Bakelite knobs, this miniature tramp art dresser is a special find. Adding to the appeal are three roomy drawers topped by two small dresser boxes with life-up lids. The wide pentagon shaped frame is especially impressive. The decorative dresser is made of cigar boxes and reclaimed […]

antique bighorn sheep ladel backlit by sunlight

SOLD 19th c. Native-American Carved Sheep Horn Ladle

Part of Native American history and lore, Bighorn Sheep provided them with food, clothing and tools. The piece featured here is a Native American-made Bighorn Sheep ladle that’s as handsome as it is functional. With its large rounded bowl — 6” x 6.5” x 5” deep — and fork-length tapered handle, it was the perfect […]

LP178JCG Medium

From the Collection of Larry John Palsson

Of the hundreds of paintings produced by self- taught Seattle-born artist Larry John Palsson, many were painted on ordinary housahold material — from frozen food cartons, cereal boxes, car brochures, grocery store paper bags and more. The paintings featured here are examples of the artist’s resourcefulness, innate sense of color and conceptural dexterity with geomtric forms. NOTES: […]