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Introducing Riverborne Art

Self-taught Louisville, Kentucky, Artist/Naturalist Mack Dryden has always had a special reverence for wood. When he discovered an area of the Ohio River where piles of driftwood collect along a bank not far from his home, a new creative journey began. Today Dryden turns driftwood into abstract sculptural assemblages inspired by the natural world. “There’s a spiritual element in working with driftwood,” […]

Mid 20th c. Oil Painting By Paul Maxwell (1925-2015)

While contemporary artist/sculptor Paul E. Maxwell was widely know for his abstract work, and for creating a unique patented process called “stencil-casting”, over the course of his lifetime, he worked in many different mediums. This mid-20th century example is a signed, untitled oil on canvas from his Texas years — 1950e-1960s — when Maxwell was […]

SOLD Walt Disney Child’s World Globe c. 1955

One of the most appealing features of this vintage 1950s children’s globe, aside from the Disney characters themselves, is all the bits those characters impart about the world. “Hi diddle-diddle the Equator’s ‘round the middle!” sings Donald Duck while strumming his fiddle. And, “Pluto’s nose points the way. The earth rotates night and day.” And, […]

SOLD Large Rustic Folk Art Owl

Like a great many Americana collectors, I love interesting hand-carved folk art owls. And this rustic example is a real find. The sculpture is crafted from a single block of wood that has a rugged, outdoorsy character and texture– a texture made even more dramatic by the use of different carving techniques. As the photos […]

Antique Minisature Cherry Highboy, Cabriole Legs

It’s hard to say whether this finely crafted 19th c. miniature was apprentice-made or the work of a professional showcasing his vision of a full size version. In either case, this is an elegant, eye-catching piece. Nineteen inches tall and built as a single piece, the highboy is made of cherry wood and various fruitwoods. […]

Antique Toy Ohio Hill Climber PATD Nov. 2 1897

D. P. Clark patented his friction flywheel system in 1897, the same year he organized his Dayton Friction Toy Works Company. This Hill Climber Trolley bears that same date. Made of metal, die cut tin and wood, the trolley is in very good, original condition, with all six die cut lithographed passengers intact. The top […]