SOLD Walt Disney Child’s World Globe c. 1955

One of the most appealing features of this vintage 1950s children’s globe, aside from the Disney characters themselves, is all the bits those characters impart about the world. “Hi diddle-diddle the Equator’s ‘round the middle!” sings Donald Duck while strumming his fiddle. And, “Pluto’s nose points the way. The earth rotates night and day.” And, “There’s something to learn wherever you turn,” Mickey says.

Produced by Rand McNally in conjunction with the Walt Disney Company, the globe was introduced in 1955 and originally sold only at Disneyland. Yes, the globe was designed for educational purposes, but it also carried Mickey’s personal endorsement: “Visit Disneyland and see all your Disney friends like ME.”

Made of screen-printed tin, the 8-inch Terrestrial globe is 10 inches tall and in very good condition with bright coloration and minimal signs of playwear. Best of all, it carries a mark that those of us who were growing up in 1955-1960 –when the globe was introduced — would like to see again: Made in USA.



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