Vintage Merrythought Toy Parrots

The last time I made a trip to the Big Island I spent an amazing day with my husband visiting one of the most breathtaking gardens I’ve ever seen — the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden on Onomea Bay. Just the sight of these toy parrots reminds of that day in paradise. Made by Merrythought, one of my favorite English toy companies, these cheerful guys are designed to stand on a swinging perch.

The birds are 12” tall and are constructed of silky mohair and brightly colored felt. As the photos show, they are in excellent, original condition and still retain their original printed cloth tag that reads “Merrythought Ironbridge Shrops Made in England,” which tells us they were made after World War II. In fact, this particular design was only produced for seven years — betwee1958 and 1965.


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