SOLDUnique Folk Art Stand with Slate Shelves

Unique Folk Art Stand with Slate Shelves
I reserve the word “amazing” for those special items that almost defy description. Given the asymmetrical form, rich surface and unusual materials of this unique three-tiered folk art stand, it more than qualifies. This curious and wonderful piece is constructed of mixed woods, with an undulating central “post” that cuts through three offset shelves made out of slate. The post is fabricated of three lengths of wood that are pegged (and probably glued) together to achieve that glorious angle.

The rectangular shelves, which range in size from 12 X 12-1/2” to 12-1/4 X 18-1/4” to 12-1/4 X 17-1/2” top to bottom, have been carved out so that the post actually slides through them. Each shelf rests on three wood supports, and the entire stand sits on a sturdy, three-legged pine base. The overall size is 50″ at the highest x 19-1/2″ w x 15-1/4″ d. From a North Carolina collection. First half of the 20th century. Very good condition.



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