SOLD Two Early Wheeled Bell Toys

Two Early Wheeled Bell Toys
There’s something magical about bell toys, however ornate or simple their design. The examples featured here are simple wheeled bell toys, one with tinplated wheels that retain their original blue paint and are marked Made In USA. Note the red wooden “axle” between the wheels. The toy is 4-1/2” in diameter. Turn-of-the-20th c.

SOLD (bell toy with painted tinplated wheels)

The second bell toy features a cast iron bell and wheels with hearted-shaped spokes — no makers mark but, give the heart-shaped spokes, possibly made by the Gong Manufacturing Company. The toy is 4” in diameter. C. late 1800s.

SOLD (bell toy with cast iron wheels)

Note from Jean: Check out this link to see a painted tinplated bell toy pulled by a die-cut spaniel made of painted lithographed paper on wood:

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