SOLD Stunning Pennsylvania “Hex” Quilt

If there’s such a thing as a “quilting trifecta” of color, form and condition, this eye-catching example hits the jackpot. The pattern is a Pennsylvania hex/diamond variation elegantly rendered in a rich mixture of velvets, satins and brocades. This is a pieced quilt, machine stitched, with a damask backing tied in blue silk thread visible only on the under side. As for age, the “hex” pieces are made of 19th and 20th century fabrics. But the velvet diamonds appear to be somewhat later, so the quilt itself is a 20th century assemblage. As I noted earlier, the condition is excellent, with a few missing stitches on the surface and a light stain on the backing, as the photos show. Measurements are 75” X 65-1/2”. Origin and maker unknown.


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