SOLD “Standing Woman” by Edgar Tolson (1904-1984)

“Standing Woman” by Edgar Tolson (1904-1984)

What I love about this piece is the simplicity of the form, the richness of the patina, and the alertness of the eyes. Carved by celebrated self-taught artist Edgar Tolson, the 12-1/2″ statue has a head and torso carved from one piece of wood, legs and feet from another. It appears to be one of several likenesses of Tolson’s wife Hulda. (Note the similarity to a 1967 carving of Mrs. Tolson pictured on p.106 of Julia S. Ardery’s book, The Temptation, copyright 1998, The University of North Carolina Press.) The carving is unsigned and probably dates to the late 1960s – early ’70s. Museum quality.


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