SOLD Staircase to the Stars Folk Art Shelf


If — like a recent visitor to J Compton Gallery explained — you think of yourself as a “one-of-a-kind kind’a person,” this hand-crafted folk art shelf may be for you. I’ve given it the name “Staircase to the Stars” and the photos explain why. Constructed of plywood and wooden dowels, it features two crescent moons joined by four tiered shelves and four sets of stairs — and topped by a five-pointed star.

The materials may be humble, but the form is inspired and the workmanship is crisp and meticulous as the photos of the staircases show. The aqua and gold paint is original and makes me think this curious objects dates from the 1950s. Dimensions are 25” t X 26” w X 2-3/4” d. Excellent to very good condition with a small piece missing on one point of the star. Perfect for displaying miniatures such as the dogs from my own collection. 


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