SOLD Victorian Five-Drawer Jewelry Chest

Victorian Five-Drawer Jewelry Chest

Made of wood from early fruit crates and cigar boxes, this five-drawer chest is amply sized to hold a variety of personal effects. The maker has applied layers of widely notched strips to the surface of the chest and drawer fronts, creating an interesting fluted or ruffled effect. All five drawers are lined with old burgundy felt, while the top of the piece is covered in velvet upholstery fabric. Drawer pulls and ornamental hardware are original.

Hints about the age of the chest come from a worn, but colorful orange crate label, visible only when the drawers are removed. On the label is printed “Grown and Packaged by Rubidoux Fruit Co. California Mountain Grove District.” The company’s late 19th c. and early 20th c. history, as well as the type of nails and fabrics used, suggest the chest was made around 1905 to 1915, possible earlier. 12″W X 8″D X 8″H, plus another 3-1/2″ to the top two drawers. Very good condition.


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