SOLD 19thc. Straw-stuffed Elephant and Oilcloth Ball

19th c. Straw-stuffed Elephant and Oilcloth Ball

Talk about a pair of toys that were meant to be together! The hand-made cloth elephant and oilcloth ball are from the same era, both made by hand, and even sport the same color scheme. Based on the elephant’s design, I think it’s an Amish toy. The felt-like ears appear to be original, but I’m not so sure about the shoe button eye – although, given the age, they’re certainly “right.” This old guy rides on a pair of make-do wooden wheels on a metal frame that’s broken through the fabric in a couple of places, as the photos show. The ball is probably filled with fine sawdust and is in wonderful condition for its age. The elephant is 8”L X 6”H X 3” wide, and the ball is 12-1/2” in circumference. Late 1890s -1900.


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