SOLD Small Tramp Art Cupboard Dated 1912

Small Tramp Art Cupboard Dated 1912
Much of the appeal of this charming old cupboard is the grid of crisply notched wooden strips nearly arranged on the bias on the front and sides. Inch-wide painted-decorated squares, which are set “on point,” decorate the front and sides, while a pair of lion-head drawer pulls adorn the single drawer. The back of the piece comes from a German “Hehsel’ Macaroni” crate, which makes perfect sense because the cupboard was found in Comfort, Texas, a community founded in 1854 by German immigrants. Not only is the cupboard dated and not only does it still have its original key, it has the most delightful carved crest. The one minus in a sea of plusses is the slight bowing to the door itself. Measurements are 17-3/8” H X 12-3/4” W at the base X 6-1/8” D and 15-1/2” W at the top.


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