Pre-Civil War Child’s Rocking Settee




With its excellent workmanship and simplicity of form, this 19th c. child’s rocking settee may well be the work of an early Shaker or Mennonite craftsman. Made of poplar, with early salmon paint that appears to be original, the settee is 32” l x 21” h x 14” d back to front. The seat itself is 12-1/4” d, while the runners are 24-1/2 l.

As the photos show, the arms are rolled and carved, the square legs slightly tapered. Each arm and front leg is made from one length of wood. And the legs are constructed without separate feet in the Shaker style. The long splat back is flat on the backside and gently chamfered along the front, giving this small piece the same elegant lines you would expect in a full-size settee.

The condition is excellent with only miner paint loss and wear. American, c.1850s.


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