SOLD Pioneer Stump Doll in a Turkey Red Printed Dress

Pioneer Stump Doll in a Turkey Red Printed Dress
This is one of the most appealing pioneer stump dolls I’ve come across because of her size and her clothing. She stands 19” tall and wears a cotton lawn dress printed with turkey red pine cones over a long petticoat made from a piece of an early quilt and a delicate hand-sewn chemise. The dress has been retailored to fit the doll and was probably made in the 1880s to 1890s.

Typically made by mothers with little time or seamstresses with modest skills, these early primitive dolls have stumpy arms and a stump instead of legs. On this one, the stump is covered by a piece from an old patchwork quilt. The doll wears a stitched-on black fabric cap (which may have been intended as hair. Her original graphite features are faintly visible. There is wear to the doll’s quilted petticoat, but her chemise and printed dress are in very good condition. All in all, a delightful primitive doll dressed in lovely fabrics and probably dating from 1880 to 1900.


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