SOLD Painted Tramp Art Wall Cupboard

Painted Tramp Art Wall Cupboard
One of the many appealing features of this early 19th c. hanging cupboard is the original door front mirror. But photographing mirrored pieces is challenging, to say the least. To avoid unwanted reflections, I hung a drop cloth in front of the cupboard, which alleviates the problem with reflections — but makes the mirror look silvered. So, I am including a shot of the cupboard that offers an accurate view of the mirror – as well as the wildflowers Texas is famous for in the spring.

This piece comes from a private home where it’s been for a couple of decades. It’s made from crate wood and features irregular nail construction. The cupboard retains its original painted chip carved surface, as well as the original mirrored door.

As the photos show, only one of the three shelves has a chip carved edge, suggesting that it’s probably original, while the other shelves are a later addition. The positioning of the original shelf, and the cupboard’s dimensions – 25-1/2” H X 15” W X 7-1/4” D – lead me to think it was originally made as a nicho or shrine. 1910-1920s, possibly earlier. Very good condition.


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