SOLD Mysterious Hand-crafted 1930s Inlaid Octagonal Table

With 24 crisply carved wood hearts, each two inches high, rimming the skirt, and another 41 inlaid symbols and shapes decorating the top and eight paneled legs, this octagonal table/stand is a small-scale-big-impact find.

The carved Moorish-style feet and rich patina of different honey-toned woods only add to the appeal. But there’s more to this piece than meets the eye.

Turn it upside down and you find curious sketches, an impressive drawing, the name Thomas Miller, presumable the maker, and a written passage that seems to be a kind of confessional or prayer. As the photos show, it appears to say: Jesus I did not not no who to hurt (sic)

The table/stand is 20” high with a top that’s 14” in diameter. Again, as the photos show, the table is in excellent to very good with a few minor scratches, a burn mark on the tabletop and a gash along one of the paneled legs. No breaks or replaced materials. Origin unknown. C1930s.


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