SOLD Monkey on a Flag Pole by David Butler (1898-2007)


Of the many creatures that populate self-taught artist David Butler’s imaginary menagerie, monkeys are among his favorites. In this delightful example, the artist presents us with a monkey atop a flagpole and a jaunty figure below who appears eager to retrieve him.

Made of painted cut tin roofing tiles, this is an excellent example of Butler’s skill with hammers and chisels, cleavers and shears — and especially with a paintbrush, as the photos show.

Nearly 30” tall (29-1/2”) by 14-5/8” wide, the piece is painted on both sides in red, white, blue and yellow enamel, with festive all-over dots on the front. Close-ups capture the crisp lines of the monkey’s profile and the color scheme on the standing figure. The scale of the work and the artist’s effective use of color make this sculpture one of his best.

Signed D B. Untitled. ND.



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