SOLD Miniature Salesman’s Sample Straw Hats; Near Mint!

Not only are these vintage miniature Panama straw hats one of those curious “finds” that I love to collect, all nine hats are in pristine condition, while five of the lot retain their original “Union Made” labels.

Along with detailed descriptions, the labels carry suggested prices: from $2.20 for a Ladies’ hat without stencils to $4.25 for a Men’s hat bearings the trade name “H D Lee Merc. Co.” (founded in 1889 by Harry David Lee, who launched the Lee brand of clothing), and $5.50 for a Ladies’ hat marked “Swisona Process”, indicating that it’s rain-proof.

Hand woven of stenciled, painted and natural straw with fabric and ribboned bands, the hats range in size from 6” x 6.5” x 2” H to 7”x 8” x 3” H. c. 1940s-1950s.


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