Miniature Paint Decorated Tramp Art Furniture

Miniature Paint Decorated Tramp Art Furniture
When I came across this collection of four miniature painted chairs, with their dark cyan hue and gilded chip carved trim, it was love at first sight. And that’s before I really noticed the punched wood circles that decorate the chair backs and sides, the gilded “moons” on the chair backs or the graceful, skilled construction.

Made as a set, the pieces include:
Two arm chairs that are 8-1/2” h X 5-1/4” w X 4-3/8” d
One settee that’s 8-1/2” h X 8-1/4” w X 6” d
One elaborate rocking chair that’s 11-1/2” h X 8” w X 8-1/2” d

Part of a private collection until now, this delightful set is in very good original condition and probably dates from the 1920s to early 1930s.

$750 for the set 

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