Mid 20th c. Oil Painting By Paul Maxwell (1925-2015)

While contemporary artist/sculptor Paul E. Maxwell was widely know for his abstract work, and for creating a unique patented process called “stencil-casting”, over the course of his lifetime, he worked in many different mediums. This mid-20th century example is a signed, untitled oil on canvas from his Texas years — 1950e-1960s — when Maxwell was painting, teaching and exhibiting at the University of Houston and the Houston Museum of Art.

The abstract expressionistic painting depicts an antelope at rest amid a cluster of Ocotillo trees. Blues of different hues dominate the painting, creating a landscape that’s both magical and serene. The painting is signed by the artist but, as is typical of some of Maxwell’s pieces, is not title or dated. I acquired the painting from a fellow Texas art and antiques dealer who had purchased it in Texas. When I acquired the piece, it was framed as shown here in what I believe is the original folk art frame, possibly crated by the artist himself.

Dimensions of the framed paintings are 40” W x 32” H x 2” D. The image area is 31-1/2” x 23-1/2”.


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