SOLD Large Carved, Painted Owl Decoy, Early 20thc.

Large Carved, Painted Owl Decoy, Early 20thc.
The moment I saw this large, impressive example of a garden owl decoy, I was immediately taken by its color and form. Carved from a single chunk of curly pine, this is a full body decoy that stands 18-1/2” h and is 28” in circumference. The piece retains its original polychrome surface and, as the photos show, the color is particularly vibrant on the owl’s face, breast and wings.

The underside of the carving is rough and worn from years of sitting on a spiked wooden or metal perch. Again, as the photos show, there is a vertical split down the back, not visible from the front. The piece is solid. While the maker is unknown, the result is a piece of folk art with tremendous presence — crafted, no doubt, by a skilled hobbyist with great enthusiasm for his task and subject. Collected in Iowa. C.1905-1915.


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