SOLD Large 1930s Pink Petz Bear

If you collect large, early, colored bears, this old girl may be for you. “Miss Rose,” as I call her, is a 31-inch German bear manufactured by the toy company that Alwin Kiesewetter founded in 1859. Rose is made of silky pink mohair that’s still soft and lustrous after all these years. She is hard stuffed with straw and retains her original eyes, stitched nose, paw pads and claws. Despite her age, she’s in very good condition with only modest play wear. As the photos show, there is mohair loss to her legs, and one of her ears has been re-attached — not very skillfully — so it’s wider and floppier than the other. But I like it this way and have left it as is. One claw is missing on the right foot and both the left arm and leg disc joints are a bit loose. She can still sit on her own and looks especially beguiling in her antique dress, which comes with her.

Miss Rose would love to remain with her long-time companion, Miss Lilac, a big 1930s American bear made of mauve mohair featured elsewhere in this Gallery. Here’s the link:


(*Small bent twig chair not included in this sale.)

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