SOLD Important Collection of Puzzlework Shrines (#4)

About the Collection:
This impressive folk art shrine is one of four examples acquired from the family of Martin F. Werth (1893-1973), a Swiss-born immigrant to the United States who settled in Anoka, Minnesota, where he became a dairy farmer. Mr. Werth was also an accomplished craftsman and, in his later years, created these small architectural gems — all of which are featured individually in the Folk Art Gallery. Note the photos of Mr. Werth and one of his shrines as it appeared in his home.

About this example:
Not only is this the largest and in some ways, the simplest of Mr. Werth’s creations, it’s also the most regal. The shrine is 27” h X 18” w X 5” d and is constructed with three niches on a floored platform and two small niches above. Note the puzzlework “molding” that frames the largest niche and the single cross above the arch. Another unique feature is the small room with an open wall on the top of the roof, which is finished with 16 perfect spires. Details such as this, along with the delicate fretwork across the back panel, make this a truly elegant piece. Photographed with and without flash.

The shrine dates from the 1950 and is in excellent, original condition.


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