SOLD Handcrafted Child’s Ride-On Glider Horse

The inventive maker of this charming old toy achieves the perfect blend of realism and whimsy. A piece of rawhide notched on the edges makes a perfect saddle blanket. The wood and leather saddle could almost pass as the real things. Real horsehair was used for the tail and mane.

On the whimsical side there’s the stylized barrel-shaped form of the barrel itself, constructed of wooden slats over a simple wood frame. Even more whimsical is the dappled paint on the body and the thickly painted eyelashes that that make the horse to appealing.

For all of its rustic features, this is a sturdy, functional toy. The frame is solid, the hardware is intact and the glider mechanism is in perfect working condition. Designed for a smallish child, the ride-on horse is 30” l X 27” h X 12” w. Found in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but reportedly from West Texas, the toy dates from the second quarter of the 20th c.


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