Four Hand Carved Folk Art Animals, German

Four Hand Carved Folk Art Animals, German
I love the simplicity of these early 20th c. carved animals with their folksy form and natural wood surface. The four pieces look great as a collection, but I’ve priced them individually for those who collect a particular type of animal. The items are:

Team of Pull Toy Horses: 5-1/2” L X 5-3/4” H X 4-3/4” W at the wheels. I love the form of these horses. As the photos show, the horse on the left has a chipped nostril, and there is minor chipping to the wheeled platform. (TWO PHOTOS)

Large Pull Toy Horse: 9-1/2” L X 8-3/4” H X 4” W. Carved in two pieces. I like the “graininess” of this carving and the well-defined mane. Note the break to the tail as the photos show. (THREE PHOTOS)

Pig-Drawn Two Wheel Cart; 10-3/8” L X 2-3/4” H X 3-1/2”W at the wheels. Well carved and in very good condition. (TWO PHOTOS)

Small Carved Dove: 4-3/8” H X3” W. Very good condition with nicely carved wings. (TWO PHOTOS)


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