SOLD Folk Art Still Life by Aaron Birnbaum

Self-taught artist Aaron Birnbaum, who was born in the Ukraine in 1895 and immigrated to New York City in 1913,  spent most of his professional life working in the garment business. His was a successful interprise, and in 1957, he retired. Birnbaum had studies design and, to fill the house in his empty days after the death of his wife, he began to paint. But what may have started simply as an activityn to pass the time soon became a passion. His work is widely admired, and in 1995, the artist celebrated his one-hundredth birthday with a party at the Museum of American Folk Art in New York. Birnbaum, who started painting when he was 70, produced this still life of a vase of flowers in the final decade of his life.



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