SOLD Folk Art Cane with Carved Animals and More

Folk Art Cane with Carved Animals and More

I’ll bet the unknown maker of this cane has a field day while making this piece. This loosely depicted hunting expedition include a make figure on horseback, a small carved jug (hootch?) and seven animals — fish, fowl, reptiles and mammals — 11 carvings in all. A 9-1/2” long open-mouthed crocodile with carved teeth and an 8” long snake with raised head are the largest and most elaborate carvings, which also include a fish, turtle, rabbit, elephant, giraffe, owl and alligator.

The cane is in very good overall condition, even with occasional splits to the shaft. Three carvings are missing one or both of their nail eyes; the alligator’s head has broken off and there is loss to the carved horse. But none of these minor losses detract from the impact of the piece. The cane is 39-1/2: tall and is made of lightly varnished wood that may be hickory or ash (?). American, possibly southern. First half of the 20th century.


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