SOLD Delightful Handmade Raggedy Ann, c. 1920s

Delightful Handmade Raggedy Ann, c. 1920s
With her brown boot-button eyes, heart shaped mouth, and traces of auburn yarn hair, this early homemade Raggedy Ann is a sweetheart of a doll. Nineteen inches tall, she’s a long, lanky version of one of America’s most popular storybook characters, with oversized feet that point in the same direction. She’s constructed of cotton fabric filled with cotton stuffing; made with stitched thumbs but no fingers; is not jointed; and is dressed as I found her in lace-trimmed bloomers and a dainty slip. Ann is missing most of her yarn hair but is in very good overall condition with no holes, stains or tears. As the photos show, there is an old repair at her neck in the form of a neatly stitched pink sateen patch. All in all, a delightful one-of-a-kind Raggedy Ann. From a private collection.


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