Charley Kinney “Water Mox’n”

Who else but Charley Kinney (1906-1991) could make a water moccasin the central figure of a painting and also make it look so darned friendly and even “cute”?

At the same time, by depicting a full-length water moccasin on patrol, the artist reminds us that this is a creature we don’t want to mess with.

Using a kind of forced perspective, Kinney brings a sense of motion and tension to the scene: a stark horizon; stunted trees; a river rising with the thick, heavy body of the snake; and that broad triangular head with its cat-shaped eyes staring straight at you.

The painting is done with tempera on paper and measures 28” x 22”. Professionally matted and framed. Signed Charly Kinney. Titled “Water Mox’n” — which is written on a separate piece of paper and followed by what looks like a “2” and glued below the signature. No date. Excellent condition.

I love Charley Kinney’s work and it doesn’t get much better than this.


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