SOLD Charles Hollis Jones Classic O Chair (c. 1960s)

For collectors of mid-20th century modern furniture, one of the most desirable pieces is a wrap-around Lucite armchair by celebrated L.A. designer Charles Hollis Jones. The example offered here is a classic 1960s O Chair with a feature that makes it unique: a handcrafted needlepoint seat with the graphic appeal of a 1960s New Yorker magazine illustration.

In a recent email exchange with J Compton Gallery, Mr. Hollis Jones confirmed that he had never produced the O Chair with a needlepoint seat. His design called for a vinyl seat usually seen in black, brown or navy. From what we know, the seat on this chair was either made by — or commissioned by — the chair’s original owner and installed by a professional upholsterer, making this O Chair one of a kind.

When I acquired the chair, it was paired with a small Lucite stool, and I believe the stool is also a Hollis Jones design. Both the O Chair and the stool have been well cared for. There are a few light scratches to both pieces, but the wear is modest. And the Lucite is in remarkably good condition. Dimensions of the chair: 29” H, 16.5” W, 20” D with a 15” H seat.

Please Note:
Because of the challenges of photographing Lucite, I’ve included various angles, backdrops and camera settings to present these pieces as accurately as possible.

Given the rounded shape and symmetry of the O Chair, it will be easy to pack and ship.


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