SOLD Carving by Self-Taught Artist Isaac Smith (b. 1944)

Carving by Self-Taught Artist Isaac Smith (b. 1944)
In his book “Isaac’s Ark: The Art and Times of Isaac Smith,” author Ronald J. Gard attributes the artist’s discovery to Dallas folk art dealer and collector Ralph Willard, who began buying Isaac’s work early on and selling it at his shop Alfie’s, a folk art store in Dallas. Willard also took Isaac’s carvings to antique and art shows. With the help of this early interest and exposure, the self-taught artist developed a national following.

This carving comes from Willard’s personal collection and was purchased directly from the artist in the mid-1970s. It depicts what appears to be a pair of snowy egrets perched on a piece of driftwood with their young. Isaac grew up in Louisiana and has an affinity for carving birds. This is an exceptional example. With his choice of subject, the gracefulness of the composition, the subtle coloring, attention to detail and, above all, the delicacy of the carving itself, the artist blurs the line between folky and fine.

The carving is 30-1/2” W X 27-1/4” H X 13” D. Signed. Excellent condition. Important note about shipping: This is a sturdy but delicately crafted piece and must be professionally boxed and crated.


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