SOLD Brückner Topsy-Turvy Dolls with Little Girl Faces

Like many early American doll makers, Albert Brückner obtained a U. S. patent for his uniquely constructed molded mask-face dolls with lithographed features. This 13-inch example — an early 20th century topsy-turvy with a black doll on one end and a white doll on the other — still retains the origins Brückner cloth label.

Both dolls are designed with appealing “little girl” faces that are in excellent condition. And both are dressed in their original sewn-on clothing — drawers, petticoats, dresses, aprons and bonnets — in near perfect condition. The only flaw is a stain on the apron of the white doll, as the photos show. Fresh from a private collection, the Topsy-Turvy is an excellent example Brückner workmanship and design.


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