SOLD Articulated Figure with Ball, American, c.1910-20s

Articulated Figure with Ball, American, c.1910-20s
I love this athletic figure for its quirky charm and curvaceous, ample form. This full bodied carving of a woman holding a ball is made of pine and retains its original polychrome surface. As the photos show, the figure is “double jointed” at the hips and also jointed at the arms, but the range of motion there is limited. The ball, however, spins freely. The feet are attached to a small painted wooden stand that probably sat on a larger base at one time. I wouldn’t be surprised if this piece was originally part of a group of playful figures. As you can see from the photos, this early carving is in very good condition with minimal chipping to the torso and head and a missing left toe. All in all, a great piece of American folk art! Unknown make. 13-1/4” H X 3-1/2” at the widest. First quarter 20th c.


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