SOLD Antique Steiff Bear in a Princess Dress

This early straw-stuffed Steiff bear (c. 1908 to 1910) no longer has its button. The side squeaker mechanism no longer works. And the mohair on her muzzle has been kissed away. But– she wears a fabulous “princess”-style dress that’s not original but seems to suit her imperial demeanor.

For a toy that’s crossed the century mark, this fully-jointed, eight-inch tall Teddy is in very good condition. The tiny glass eyes are original, as are the paw pads and the stitched muzzle.  One claw is missing on the right front paw and, as the photos show, there’s a small hole in the right rear paw pad and scant mohair on her torso.

As for the dress, it’s made of pale blue and pink satin adorned with pearls and jeweled trim. This is a bear from my personal collection, which I’ve had for more than a decade, and I hope to find her a great new home.


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