A Pair of Vintage Toys: BABY and the Ball


“BABY” is a cut-and-sew cloth elephant toy made at a time when circuses provided much of America’s entertainment. I suspect that “BABY” was made as an advertising piece for a particular circus or possibly a Disney film (DUMBO was released in 1941) because the elephant toy is probably from the 1940s or 1950s. It’s firmly stuffed with cotton and is in very good condition, although — as the photos show — the elephant’s trunk has been re-stitched on more than one occasion. I’ve paired “BABY” with a child’s rubber ball from the same era. Measuring 15” in circumference, it’s printed with blue stars and red squiggles on a white background with only modest playwear.

“BABY” $275
Vintage Rubber Ball $65 

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