SOLD 20″ American Bear, Probably “Ideal”

20″ American Bear, Probably “Ideal”

The ideal teddy bear (and he may, in fact, be an “Ideal”), this early example is especially appealing by virtue of his cuddly form, substantial size, and sympathetic gaze. He stands 20″ T, is fully jointed, straw stuffed and covered in fluffy golden mohair (with a good bit of loss on his generous belly.) He exhibits the following characteristics of early bears by Ideal: shiny black boot button eyes; a horizontal fabric nose; chubby thighs and well-defined ankles; and large pointed feet, which measure 5″L. His paw pads are original, though he has few remaining claws, and one ear appears to have been awkwardly re-attached. But he is – in a word – adorable. Probably 1905 – 1915.


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