SOLD 19thc. Painted Wood Rocking Horse

19thc. Painted Wooden Rocking Horse

I found this lovely old rocking horse in London and was immediately struck by the unusual form and the way the horse is portrayed in full gallop. Made of heavy pine, with the original painted surface, the piece has deep, flared runners with the original footrests intact. The head and neck are carved from a single piece of inch-thick board. Based on the size and construction, it was probably made for a very small child and would have had a chair-like seat at one time. The former owner told me she found the rocking horse in Holland. Measurements are 38-1/2”L X 20”H to top of head; seat is 4-1/2” wide; runners are 11” at their widest. Still very sturdy, with two old repairs, this charming old toy dates from 1875 to 1895.


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