SOLD 19th c. Folk Art Cane; Spanish Colonial Mexico

19th c. Folk Art Cane; Spanish Colonial Mexico 
From a Texas collection of folk art canes and walking sticks comes this early 19th c. Spanish Colonial example, which is decorated with carved, polychrome flora, fauna and figures that are indigenous to Mexico. The carved elements include peacocks (some five inches tall!); bulls and matadors; rabbits and dogs; birds, lizards and various palms.

The 39-tall walking stick is topped by an impressive 19th c. brass knob. While it’s not original to the piece, it is appropriate for the period, style and size. I’m not sure what kind of wood was used for the thick, tapered staff, which has darkened with age but is in very good condition with one small crack at the very tip.

Given the age of this folky and functional piece, there is expected erosion to some of the carvings as well as some paint loss due to use and wear. Again, as expected, the painted carvings near the top of the walking stick are in much better condition than those nearer the tip. I’ve taken photos using several different camera settings, all using a flash, in an effort to to give you an accurate view of both the charm of this piece and the condition.

My research places this walking stick in late or post-Spanish Colonial Mexico, around the end of the first-quarter to mid-second-quarter 1800s.



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