SOLD 19th c. Cloth Doll with Ink Drawn Features

With her appealing face, layers of original clothing and sturdy conditionaa, this early cotton-stuffed rag doll won me over in a heartbeat. I love her pale features, round head, nicely stitched fingers, chunky un-jointed form and very shapely butt!

Hard stuffed with rags, she stands 21-1/2” tall and wears a treadle and hand-sewn red calico frock over a flannel and cotton slip and knit undershirt. As the photos show, there is a small break at the right angle that’s secured by the heavy black stockings she wears for shoes, and her arms have been reattached to her shoulders on more than one occasion.

Given her age, there is expected wear to her dress, especially to the sleeves. Yet, as the photos show, she’s in very good overall condition. She dates from the later 1800s. New England origin.


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