SOLD 19th c. Black & White Topsy-Turvy Doll


Dating from the late 1800s, this topsy-turvy doll owes her appeal to her maker’s considerable skill. Note the delicately embroidered features; details such as tiny embroidered teeth on the black doll and a cap (hair?) made of soft folds of cheesecloth on the white doll; and the V-shaped waist and double-sided gathered cotton skirt in a subtle all-over print.

The doll is made of various neutral, brown and black fabrics, with heads and a torso that are firmly stuffed. The black doll has arms filled with fine sawdust, while the white doll has no arms — just empty sleeves that fold neatly under the skirt. Both doll and clothing are machine sewn with hand-stitched features. She measures 14” from head to hem. Very good condition.


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