SOLD 1940s Soap Box Derby Racer

1940s Soap Box Derby Car with Ford Insignia
This is the real deal: a genuine home built soap box derby car with a 1940s chrome script Ford insignia on the “hood,” as well as the original set of “Official Soap Box Derby Tires.” In America, the Soap Box Derby got its start in the early 1930s in Akron, Ohio, and soon became a national obsession for boys and girls alike. My husband insists that this example of a 1940s racer must have been a winner, prized by the owner and his or her family and carefully stored for years in a barn or garage. The red and green paint is original, as are the tires, soup can headlights, and old wagon wheel steering column. This sleek little car has its nicks and scuffs as the photos show, but is still in very good condition. It measures 57” L X 18-1/2” W at the front wheels, 22-1/2” W at the back wheels, and 26” H at the hood.

A word about shipping: If you’re the buyer and you live within a 500 mile radius of Austin, Texas, I’ll meet you half way with the car. A buyer outside that radius will need to make arrangements for pick up or shipping.


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