SOLD 1920s Multi-Colored Stick Bear

1920s Multi-Colored Stick Bear 
Like so many American bears made prior to and during the 1920s, this old barrel-chested fellow is straw stuffed with jointed straight arms and legs and small, wide-set ears. You see him just as I found him– with his original glass eye long gone and replaced by buttons and all of his paw pads warn through. But he retains his original stitched nose and mouth, and his multi-colored orange and gold mohair provides great all-over coverage. Plus, he still wears the turquoise- trimmed dog collar that he’s worn for who-knows-how-many-years. He stands 14-1/2” h and measures 17-1/2” in circumference around his chest. All in all, an appealing old character looking for a permanent bear home.


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