SOLD 1920s-30s Hand-Made Black Rag Doll

1920s-30s Hand-Made Black Rag Doll

What attracted me to this sweet-faced doll were her appealing features and her “fancy” hand-sewn flowered dress. She’s made of what appears to be a textured dark brown sock or stocking fabric and is stuffed with rags. She has black yarn hair topped with a colorful make-do kerchief. Her features are nicely embroidered, with eyes that are framed by embroidered black lashes and brows. I’ve taken photos with and without flash to try to capture the details. Her clothing is sewn on, and while it isn’t original, it suits her very well — especially the voluminous black “bloomers” and the early rick rack braiding on the bodes of her dress. She’s 13″ tall, is jointed at the shoulders and hips, and has what can best be described as a “fulsome figure.” She’s in very good condition, with one small tear on her right arm. All in all, a charming cloth doll.


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